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Product Description

The Aero-Sense Wet & Dry Wipes two-part sachet contains one wet and one dry lint-free wipe that are suitable to safely clean all aviation screens. Cleaning with Aero-Sense Wet & Dry Wipes will not harm the anti-glare coating of your screen. Aero-Sense Wet & Dry Wipes are alcohol and ammonia free and leaves no streaks after cleaning. They will not harm the anti-glare coating of the screen and are also safe on other surfaces of the aircraft: metals (aluminum), plastics and unpainted surfaces. The non-flammable product guarantees a streak free result and the cleaned surface will not show indication of static electricity charge. Cleaning more than one instrument at a time is no longer a problem due to the large size of the wipes (180x210mm).

Aero-Sense Wet & Dry Wipes can be used to clean:

Aerospace instruments: MFD, PFD, GPS and FMS screens and radar screens

In-flight entertainment systems: in-seat (touch)screens, overhead screens and in-flight entertainment tablets

Other applications: flight simulator screens, tablets with flight planning software, etc.


Aero-Sense Wet & Dry Wipes have multiple certifications:


  • AMS 1534C
  • AMS 1535C
  • Boeing D6-17487




  • Colourless and characteristic odour
  • Non-flammable
  • Ammonia and alcohol free formulation
  • pH-value: 7,3 – 8,3
  • Solubility in water: completely




  • Instructions before use:
  • Be careful if you wear jewelry and avoid scratching
  • Check if the display is in the “power off” mode
  • Do not apply too much pressure




  • Tear the sachets apart
  • First gently clean the sreen or instrument with the Wet Wipe, then wipe dry using the Dry Wipe.





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