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Very British. Very German.
The Boeing 737-300 was delivered to Lufthansa in 1986 and was registered as D-ABXB from then on. In 1993, it was converted into a 737-300 QC (Quick Change): Combined with a side cargo door, passenger seats on special pallets enabled quick changes from cargo to passenger mode and vice versa. After several different stints, the plane finally went to the British carrier Jet2, where it flew up until 2016 under the registration G-CELR.
Weight: 0.021 kg, Dimensions: 35 x 88 mm, Material: Recycled aircraft skin, Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-300 QC, Registration: G-CELR, Serial Number: MSN 23523

The Aviationtags are 100% authentic original airplane skin. The origin of the material can be traced back seamlessly all the way to when the plane was first sold and the customers are supplied with important and interesting information on aircraft history in the form of our (b)logbook.
The tags are Made in Germany and for the most part are painstakingly crafted by hand right at the small manufacture in Cologne - where they love to turn something old and wonderful into something new and wonderful.
Each tag is one of a kind with a unique serial number. This allows Aviationtag to step in with its “Lost & Found” service to help reunite you with your Aviationtag if you ever lose it.


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