Gate 8 - The Story


Back in 2013, a stressed family man called Alistair Callender, was standing queuing at London's Heathrow airport patiently waiting to check in for his flight to Scotland for a meeting.

Alistair knew the drill. Every week it was the same. Go to the airport. Queue at the check-in desk. Check in his bags. Get on the flight. Arrive in Scotland. Wait for his bag at the carousel. Hope bag arrives on the carousel. Drag large bag to train. Get the train to hotel. Sleep. 

It was the same routine that he had travelled every week for the past 2 years. Alistair had even calculated the time spent queuing at baggage check-in or waiting for his bag - 83 hours (he needs to get out more!). That was 83 hours of his life wasted. That was time he could have spent with his family, catching up on work or spent relaxing. 

Business travel was stressful, tedious and sucked the life out of him :)  It was time for a change.

Our Story - GATE8 Cabin Bags      The idea behind our Cabin Bags


Alistair's eureka moment happened as he sat in the airport lounge waiting to board. Can you guess which GATE number he was sitting at - there are no prizes for this!! 

On the back of an old dog-eared boarding card, he began to list all the things that irritated him about business travel. The list was long, full of pet hates and frustrations. Some he could change and some he couldn't. 

He saw an opportunity to travel more efficiently by creating a new style of cabin bag. A bag designed in such a way that added value to his journey, a bag that:

  • He didn't need to take to the check-in desk

  • Enabled him to avoid the queues

  • Would keep his garments ready-to-wear

  • That could transport both his clothes and his laptop efficiently

  • A bag that was durable

  • And most importantly, a single solution bag that combined tech & garments for those pesky Airlines that only allowed ONE bag 

That was the day the award-winning Gate8 Garment Mate was born.


Fast-forward 5 years. GATE8 has since grown from selling a few bags at business shows to selling all over the world. To date, GATE8 has helped business travellers all over the world to save time, money and reduce their stress level. 

Flyinsite is proud to be the first and exclusive dealer of GATE8 products within the European mainland. If you are looking for the perfect solution for your next business trip, mission abroad or citytrip... don't hesitate to contact us! We are more than willing to help you find the ideal luggage which fits your individual needs. 

You can find the full range of products via this link:

Enjoy your next trip!


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