This elegant and sturdy Pilot Backpack is made of strong durable nylon, is fully padded and is designed to protect your high-quality products.

On the front side, there is a single zippered compartment containing the famous Pilot logo. Underneath, you can find a large quick-access compartment - made of neoprene - and 2 organiser compartments in which you can easily store several pens, batteries, cables and keys.

Each side has a larger zipped compartment which can be used to store a fuel probe, radio device or drinking bottle, and a smaller compartment made of neoprene. A quick-access compartment is foreseen on the left side to carry your laptop or tablet.

The back is comfortably padded and is also equipped with a zippered compartment, preventing unwanted access when you carry the backpack on your back, and a trolley compartment.

The lockable main compartment can be variably divided, thereby offering a very high level of flexibility. Inside there are 4 more mesh compartments where you can immediately find what you are looking for. There is a lockable organiser compartment for papers on the back. Two compartments are labelled with VFR and IFR, a neoprene compartment for glasses, 2 pen holders, 4 storage compartments for credit cards, fuel cards, etc. and a turn around card for the “flight schedule status”.

On each side of the shoulder strap, there is a neoprene compartment for storing various small items such as, for example, money, cards, etc.

The main compartment, the two side zippered compartments and the two small neoprene compartments on the shoulder straps are equipped with a reflective zipper, so that you can be seen more easily in the dark.

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