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Dear customer, we stopped the sale of all Factem headsets - please note that your guarantee still applies through us for all headsets already purchased 


EF7 is a new range of aviation headsets designed to be used in high-noise settings. Offering a high quality passive headset, FACTEM has increased the availability of exceptional noise cancelling equipment to the aeronautic industry. Its passive attenuation and anti-noise meets the requirements of even the most demanding users. Made in France - conform ETSO-C139



  • Passive Noise Attenuation: 28dB (up to 43dB under ideal conditions)
  • Available with dual GA plugs (PL55 + PL68) or XLR5
  • Adjustable Talk-Through 
  • Auto shut-off (On/Off)
  • Flexible Microphone boom; right or left microphone
  • Microphone mute (when raised)
  • Headband with adjustable size and pressure 
  • Rotating earcups for flat storage
  • Memory foam earpads 
  • Straight connection cord 1.5m with clothing clip
  • Micro USB battery charger
  • Weight: 560g
  • Functioning temperature: -20 to +50°C




For more than 70 years, FACTEM has specialized in the design, development and manufacture of acoustic cells (microphones and earphones). This knowledge, sought after by the major players in the aeronautics industry, has allowed us to take our place in a fiercely competitive market. We design and manufacture quality products which are well-known in France and overseas, in both civilian and military sectors. We are continuing the development and production of acoustic products taken over from SILEC and SAGEM.

We manufacture a wide range of aeronautical products (headphones, and hard hats with built-in communications, radio/loud speaker combination, genephone etc.) as well as the associated accessories and connectors. Protection against noise pollution has become a priority in all sectors (military, industrial and for the general public etc.). With ever-increasing human and material resources, FACTEM has, in recent years, lead research in the field of active protection (ANR) and that of passive (choice of materials, earpieces etc.).

Beyond supplying equipment, we are now able to offer complete solutions in the form of audio and acoustic systems allowing wired or wireless communication in a controlled industrial or military environment. As a member of national and international acoustic associations, FACTEM takes part in several European projects.

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