Infant Life Jacket

THE LIFEJACKETS ARE INTENDED FOR USE BY INFANT PASSENGERS OF COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT. Up to 16KG (35lbs). The single chamber lifejacket complies with FAA TSO C13(f) for Type 1 inflatable life Preservers.
NOTE: All lifejackets with buckle fastening waist adjustment webbings are FAA approved. The lifejacket is fully reversible and will provide sufficient buoyancy to force the wearer, even if exhausted or unconscious, into a correct (face upward) flotation attitude in a few seconds and it will keep the wearer in that attitude. The lifejacket is manufactured from lightweight, polyurethane-proofed nylon fabric. The fabric panels are joined by using high-frequency welding techniques.

The main components are:
A. Buoyancy chamber.
B. Gas inflation system.
C. Oral inflation tube and valve.
D. Waist belt type harness.
E. Water-activated sealight.
F. Whistle.

The lifejacket is worn around the neck and attached to the wearer by the waist belt harness. It is inflated with CO2 from a cylinder attached to the front face of the lifejacket. The oral inflation tube is for use as an alternative method of inflation or for increasing buoyancy chamber pressure.
The lifejacket is packed in a valise which can be installed into a standard under-seat stowage or an overhead passenger service unit.
Donning and operating instructions are printed on the lifejacket as pictograms.
This lifejackets has an initial maintenance check interval of ten years.

A. The lifejacket is manufactured from a polyurethane-proofed nylon fabric that complies with Spec 1006.
This fabric has flame retardant characteristics to comply with regulation FAR section 25.853 (a). [Appendix F; Part 1 (a) (i) (iv)], plus hydrolysis resistant properties.
The panels are joined by high frequency welding techniques. The accessories are mounted on one face and side seam of the buoyancy chamber.

B. Gas Inflation Systems
The gas inflation with a combined Inflator and manifold system consists of:

(1) A Halkey Roberts manual inflation mechanism, welded to the buoyancy chamber. The manual inflation mechanism has an actuating lever c/w a red operating handle, and a cylinder piercing pin.
The inflator body has a metal thread insert for the attachment of the cylinder.

(2) A disposable CO2 cylinder is screwed into the inflator and is filled with compressed CO2 gas to a weight of 28 g to 31 g. The cylinder is held in place by a fabric cylinder retaining loop.

(3) The red operating handle is secured in place by means of touch-andclose fastener strips on the lower right edge of the lifejacket.

C. Oral Inflation Tube and Valve

A non-return valve in a moulded plastic tube is attached to one face of the buoyancy chamber and is used for oral inflation of the chamber or to increase the chamber pressure. A light spring retains the valve on its seat.

D. Sea Light Unit and Whistle
A lamp unit is attached to one side of the lifejacket and complies with the requirements of UK Civil Aviation Authority and FAA TSO C13 Specification for light intensity and duration. The lamp is connected to a water-activated cell that is held in an elastic loop on the side of the lifejacket. The whistle is held in the loop extension next to the cell and attached with a length of nylon cord.

A dedicated infant version comes fitted with an additional harness separate from the waist belt to aid lifting infants in and out of the water. A lifeline attached to the infant lifejacket enables the infant to be tied to an adult or to a survival liferaft.


  • Features
  • Buckle fastening
  • EASA approval
  • Sealed valise
  • 10-year service interval
  • 235 x 75 x 100 mm
  • 370g


This product has been specifically designed for commercial use and is supplied in a plastic valise.
It is easy to stow in your flight bag, survival pack or under your seat.

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