Aerosense Insect Remover

Product Description

Aero-Sense Insect Remover is very effective and safe for the cleaning of rubber de-icing boots, chromated surfaces, aluminium, TKS-panels, paint, plastics (PVC, PP, PE and polyesters), carbon and stainless steel, plexi, lexan and glass windshields. Aero-Sense Insect Remover is aviation approved and has the Boeing D6-17487 certification.


Aero-Sense Insect Remover complies with Boeing D6-17487 standard.



  • Physical state at 20°C: Liquid
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Odour: Characteristic
  • pH value: +/- 6,5 – 8,0
  • Final boiling point (°C): +/- 100°C
  • Density: +/- 1,00
  • Solubility in water: Complete




  • Spray on the surface and allow 1-2 minutes contact time.
  • Wipe of with a soft cloth and rinse off with water
  • Avoid using the product in direct sunlight
  • The cleaning instructions in the POH should be respected and checked for conformity with the suggested cleaning products.
  • Aero-Sense Insect Remover can be classified as “Mild and Neutral soap”


Shelf life

36 months


1 liter bottles


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