Jeppesen EASA PPL - Operational Procedures
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Operational Procedures introduces the essentials on operating a light airplane in the aviation arena.



On 80 pages, Operational Procedures will familiarize the reader with all there is to know about flying as a private pilot in European Airspace. Always up to date and using QR codes to unlock additional content, this book presents the knowledge required for a PPL(A) step-by-step.

ISBN 978-0-88487-009-8


The Jeppesen EASA Private Pilot training system, provided in partnership with Peters Software GmbH, represents a state-of-the-industry training product, using subject matter experts with years of experience based in Europe.

The PPL(A) series is organized as per the EU FCL syllabus and available as printed (on-demand) book, e-book, or PC/MAC and iPad download. With almost 1300 pages, organized in 9 volumes for the paper version and 13 eBooks, the PPL(A) can be complemented by an up-to-date question database for exam preparation, that is available in electronic form.

Using modern pictures, photorealistic graphics, as well as QR codes to access film and audio clips, this training system represents an unparalleled training suite in Europe

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