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In the beginning of 2013, Jetairfly was the first leisure airline worldwide to introduce the Embraer E-Jet 190 in its fleet. At April 17th 2014, during Easter holidays, it started operating out of Antwerp Airport.

This exclusive scale model (scale 1:100) is not even sold on board!


About this aircraft


Configured with 112 slim line seats in a single-class layout

Length: 36,24 m

Wingspan: 28,72 m

Tail height: 10,57 m

Largest cabin width: 3,01 m

Cruise speed: 860 km/h / 464kts

Cruise altitude: 12.500 m / 41.000 ft

Max Takeoff Weight: 47.790kg / 105.264lb

Take off speed: 270 km/h / 146kts

Max Landing Weight: 43.000kg / 94.714lb

Landing speed: 235 km/h / 127kts


About the E-Jet family

The Embraer E-Jet family is a series of narrow-body medium-range twin-engine jet airliners produced by Brazilian aerospace conglomerate Embraer. Launched at the Paris Air Show in 1999, and entering production in 2002, the aircraft series has been a commercial success.

The E190/195 models are a larger stretch of the E170/175 models fitted with a new, larger wing, larger horizontal stabilizer and a new engine, the GE CF34-10E, rated at 18,500 lb. These aircraft compete with the Bombardier CRJ-1000 and CS100, the Boeing 717-200 and 737-600, and the Airbus A318. It can carry up to 100 passengers in a two-class configuration or up to 124 in single-class high density configuration.

The first flight of the E190 was on March 12th 2004, with the first flight of the E195 on December 7th of the same year.


About Jetairfly

Jetairfly was founded at the end of 2003 and started operations in March 2004 with 5 aircraft. Thanks to a program of expansion and modernization, Jetairfly is the quickest growing Belgian airline company with the youngest and most modern fleet.

Jetairfly transported 3.9 million passengers in 2014 alone.



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