Enlisted here-under is a non-exhaustive list of all aviation related events in Belgium and the neighboring airfields. If you want to add an event to this list, please let us know via info@flyinsite.com.



25/02: Carnaval op EBZR



10/03: Drone Days European Drone Expo, Brussels Expo (Laken)

10/03: Het Belgische Militaire vliegwezen tijdens WO I, EBKT

19/03: Bronco Fan Day, EBKT

23-26/03: Teaching & Learning for Drone Instructors, Skywings EBAW

25/03: Skywonder - First Edition, Kortrijk Xpo

25/03: Begin spottersseizoen 2017, EBBR



01/04: Fryskeoldballooninflationday, Joure

02/04: Luchtvaartbeurs, Aviodrome Lelystad

05-08/04: Aero Friedrichshafen, EDNY

12/04: Belgian Heli Days, EBBE

17/04: VCU Doellandingen 2017, EBUL

22/04: 2e Vlaamse Luchtvaartdag, EBAW

22/04: Pancake Fly In, EBHN

23/04: Rock & Rolling Wheels #2, Merendree



06/05: 17th ASA Antwerp Aviation Fair, EBAW

06/05: Porte ouverte, Couhé ULM Loisirs

27-28/05: 25th Antwerp Stampe & 9th Ercoupe Fly In, EBAW



04/06: Oostwold Airshow 2017 - Take Off, Groningen

05/06: Oostwold Airshow 2017 - Time Flies, Groningen

10/06: Dutch Open Air Rally Motorvliegen

19-25/06: Salon de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace, Le Bourget

23/06: Opendoor ATCC, Semmerzake

24/06: Epern'Air Show 2017, Champagne-Ardenne

24-25/06: Ursel Avia, EBUL

30/06-02/07: EFLEVA Days, EBLE



01/07: Belgian Open Aerobatic Championship Koksijde

08/07: AOPA Fly-In Twente

09/07: Meeting de France, Aéroport de Dijon-Bourgogne

29-30/07: Keiheuvel Fly-in 2017, EBKH



12-13/08: International Oldtimer Fly and Drive In, Schaffen Diest 

19-20/08: APCK Fly-In, EBZR

23/08: Opendoor & Runway Run Basis Koksijde

25-27/08: Texel Fly-In



01-03/09: International Army Show, Twente

08/09: 7th Sunset Airshow, Sanicole

09/09: Spottersday, EBBL

10/09: 40th International Sanicole Airshow

16/09: Flying Festival MVCB, EBBT

16/09: Heldair Show Maritiem, Den Helder


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