Your avionics system is only as good as the data behind the displays and functions.

Jeppesen data solutions are recognized by pilots, airlines, corporate flight departments and almost every major avionics manufacturer around the world as having the most current and accurate flight information available. The Jeppesen name ensures that whether you fly for business or simply for fun, your new system can be relied upon to be the primary navigation unit on your aircraft.


The following data sets power the latest technological advances in many EFIS, MFD and PFD displays:

  • NavData – provides you with vital knowledge of airport features, runway characteristics, communications information, waypoint features, SIDs, STARs, terminal approach procedure information, VORs, NDBs and a comprehensive set of boundaries for controlled/restricted airspace.
  • Obstacle data – consists of man-made features such as cell phone towers, radio towers, buildings, cranes and ships.
  • Terrain data – includes topographical features of the earth and is displayed in three-arc, second clarity on some displays.
  • Cultural data


Updating your avionics data is easy with Included Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM). JDM is a free software program that you can use to manage and update your data. You simply upload the data to your avionics system where and when it's convenient for you.


Key Features:

Auto-Download  - This optional feature automatically downloads all updates on your account to a single PC connected to the Internet and stages the databases for programming, rather than initiating each download and waiting for them to complete—saving you time. This is especially beneficial if you subscribe to large databases, such as Terrain.

Offline Programming - Don’t have your avionics card on hand? Not to worry. Download your updates to your laptop and program your cards anywhere you go.

User Label and Filtering - Do you have so many services on your account that you can’t tell one from the other? Enter a unique identifier (such as the tail number) to each service. You can then use the filter to narrow down your databases specific to the group you created.

Jeppesen Alerts and Change Noti ces - Direct access to Jeppesen’s Alerts and Change Notices. Access any alerts or notices that affect your data or chart service.


What You Need:

Internet Access - Available for both standard and regionalized coverage areas, JSUM/JDM allows you to download the latest NavData revisions from any computer with Internet access.

Datacard Hardware - Most avionic systems use general removable media, such as SD or Compact Flash, and require a general reader/writer device to complete the update process using JSUM/JDM. General reader/writer devices can be purchased from multiple retail outlets. Garmin’s GPS systems that use its proprietary FLASH cards require Jeppesen’s Skybound G2 USB to complete the update process using JSUM/JDM.


Available for:

Advanced Flight Systems – Aspen Avionics – Avidyne – Genesys (former known as COBHAM) – Dynon Avionics – Eclipse – Freeflight – Garmin – Gena Systems – Grand Rapids Technologies – Sagem – MGL Avionics


Contact us for more information about the possibilities to keep your avionics up-to-date -

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