Before a new RSC design comes to life, a lot of research has been done. We want to bring you an accurate story about the airplane and its pilots. All the facts haven been studied as good as possible before processing the design.

For the first time, these airplanes were used during WWI for military purposes and, initially, nobody was prepared. The first bombs were dropped by hand and initial shots were fired with pistols. Most airplanes were even made with wood and fabric. Aero-engines were underpowered and unreliable, yet air battles were fought conclusively by brave, courageous airmen. When you own an RSC watch, these impressive story moments, ones more, come alive.



In addition to an authentic design, we do not compromise on quality. Therefore, every stainless steel watch (316L) undergoes a thorough quality control and we use Japanese Miyota quartz technology inside. You get a three year warranty which, probably, you will never need. The sturdy calf leather straps in different colors are top quality. The back plate is screwed, which implicates a waterproof of 5 ATM. The black or “Gun” (dark grey) colored watches have a very strong PVD layer by which the color is retained for a very long time. Etched on the back of the watch is a top plan view of each WW aircraft. Each watch is presented in an authentic watch box.

All watches have been designed by famous Belgian Watch designer Ronald Steffen. Ronald was born in Zug, close to the heart of the Swiss watch industry. He studied photography and graphic design at the Royal Academy of Antwerp, Belgium. He is the founder of the exclusive Swiss brand STEFFEN. Inspired by WWI & WWII and based on profound research, he designed a unique RSC (Ronald Steffen Creations) collection radiating the atmosphere of this nostalgic era. The result is this unique watch collection, designed with an eye for detail.


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