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The Pilots’ Free Flight Atlas Eastern Hemisphere – 4th edition

A must-have for every professional pilot flying in the Eastern Hemisphere (Europe, Middle East and S.E. Asia). An all-in-one source of information for en-route and destination preparation during line training, passenger speeches… This 4th edition of the famous Pilots’ Free Flight Atlas contains 16 additional pages of cartography, now totaling 224 pages of very useful content:

Key map of Europe: 92 pages of cartographical maps, scale 1:2.000.000

Key map Middle East & Asia: 58 pages of cartographical maps, scale 1:4.000.000

Key map South-Africa: 8 pages of cartographical maps, scale 1:2.750.000

These topographical charts show over 4.500 airports which are color coded according to runway length and surface. International airports are distinguished from Regional airports by symbol shape.

Weather station frequencies (VOLMET) are shown on each page for easy use.

Radio navigation beacons (VOR, DME and NDB) are included to enable you to locate your position immediately in relation to surrounding airports and landmarks.

Over 3.500 points of interest have been included for better passenger announcements. Highways, railways and land roads as well as lakes, rivers and mountain ranges are depicted in color.

Overview maps (27 pages):


  • European & Asian political map
  • Satellite picture of Europe & Asia with average Climate and Winds
  • Polar and Star Chart
  • Time zones with web-suffixes
  • North-Atlantic crossing routes



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