The new 2020 version of the Belgium Low Air 1:250.000 chart, the reference for VFR flying across Belgium, contains all information relevant to VFR pilots, overlayed on the Belgian topographical chart. 

This chart is available in 2 versions:

- 1 sheet, printed recto/verso - North and South – for easy cockpit management when flying between North and South areas; available in paper and in laminated form

It contains vital information about Belgian Airspace structure and topography:

  • VFR reporting points
  • Civil and Military airports with name, location identifier and frequencies, length and orientation of the runway(s), information about Direction Finding (VDF) and location of traffic pattern
  • Designated airspace location, dimensions, vertical extent and airspace class.
  • FIS sectors with frequencies
  • Fields for hang-gliders, soaring, ULM…
  • Radio Navigation beacon information (including VOR, DME, NDB, TACAN and combinations) with name, frequency and Morse code identifier
  • Obstacles and elevation figures
  • Isogonals
  • Highways (with name), streets, railways, rivers, woods (with multi-coloring to display forest imprint and shading)
  • Etc.

On the side, you can find a legend with more helpful information, like an overview of the Belgian airspace structure, ATIS and VOLMET frequencies, symbol interpretation, etc.


  • Scale: 1:250.000
  • Edition: 2020
  • Date of publication: June 2020




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