The Jeppesen EASA Private Pilot training system, provided in partnership with Peters Software GmbH,  represents a state-of-the-industry training product, using subject matter experts with years of experience based in Europe.


With almost 1300 pages, organized in 9 volumes, the PPL(A) can be complemented by an up-to-date question database for exam preparation. Always up to date, printed on demand and using photorealistic graphics with QR codes to unlock additional content, these books present all knowledge required for a PPL(A) step-by-step.


Airframe and Systems helps you to gain insight into the structure and systems for your general aviation training aircraft. 138 pages


Air Law and Communications introduces pilots to knowledge regarding regulations and responsibilities in international aviation, but also addresses the way we communicate when operating in airspace. 208 pages


Flight Preparation provides you with everything there is to know about Mass and Balance, Performance and Flight Planning. 170 pages


Instrumentation provides an overview on construction and function of systems used in the early stages of your pilot training. This book will present the instrument screens and help pilots interpret and properly sense possible malfunctions. 110 pages


Human Performance focuses on the human factor. It discusses the general aspects and models for accident prevention and flight safety. 114 pages


Meteorology presents the fundamentals of both weather and climate. Especially when learning to fly the fundamentals of Meteorology are an important concept to understand. 172 pages


Navigation - combining General and Radio Navigation this book provides a thorough introduction to all aspects of Navigation. 192 pages


Operational Procedures introduces the essentials on operating a light airplane in the aviation arena.

It familiarizes the reader with all there is to know about flying as a private pilot in European Airspace. 80 pages


Principles of Flight discusses the essentials of lift, weight, thrust and drag or the essentials on why an airplane does fly. 112 pages




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