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Product Description

The GATS Jar Fuel Tester is the first, finest and best fuel analysis tester capable of separating non-petroleum contaminants and thereby water and debris from contaminated AVGAS and jet fuel. This allows extracted fuel to be put back into the aircraft fuel tank and not on the ground, without the fear of reintroducing contaminants back into the fuel system. The GATS Jar Fuel Tester also gives a visual display of jet fuel contaminated AVGAS and can be used with any petroleum fuel grade and octane, including Jet A fuel, automotive gasoline and diesel fuel.

The GATS Jar Fuel tester uses a special separator screen that, when coated with avgas, forms a barrier to water and debris, yet allows passage of avgas.


By using the GATS Jar Fuel Tester, pilots can help protect the environment by pouring sample fuel back into the tank instead of on the ground or a waste bin.

Size & Weight

·         Volume: 0,35l (12oz)

·         Dimensions: 14,2 x 9,4 x 7,4cm




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