The patent pending Rogers Data © Navigation compass 250 facilitates the solution for navigation and is easy to use

  • Sectional plotter, time-speed-distance computer, ruler and navigation compass template in a single device
  • Path-time measurement for charts on the scale of 1:250.000
  • Distance picked up with the tips in order to read the distance between two points on a sectional chart
  • To determine the heading use the back of the Navigation compass
  • Required flight time between two points could be read in minutes on the mounted concentric compass scale
  • Determination of position on charts on the scale of 1:250.000
  • Headings with associated opposite course can be determined on the back side of the Navigation compass
  • Rogers Data © Navigation compass can be used as ruler along the lateral sides and includes a circle template
  • Using the circle template on the Navigation compass permits highlighting of navigation points. Those points could be connected for further determination
  • New production technologies guarantee precision, which is required for precise navigation
  • To protect the circle we recommend the use of pure genuine leather case with lining, which is separately available


Rogers Data produces VFR aeronautical charts for several countries of the European Union (EASA Member States). Rogers Data VFR aeronautical charts are designed to offer a sophisticated terrain map as well as a detailed representation of the airspace structure. Also shown are ultralight landing sites, glider airfields, aerial sporting and recreational activities and areas with sensitive fauna, airfields, reporting points, restricted and danger areas, significant points, border crossing points.

Each of these charts is designed to reach the best compromise between readability and informational content. All relevant data is displayed in a visually distinctive way to keep the charts easy to read and emphasize the most important features at hand.

All charts are based on the latest aeronautical information from AIP and their supplements of the CAA as well as on the relevant regulations of ICAO Annex 4 and European Commission Regulations.

Rogers Data aeronautical charts are updated annually, because our company`s philosophy is: „the best is just good enough!”

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