Seiko SSC013P1 Prospex Pilot –Men’s Solar Chronograph Watch

Upgrade to style and sophistication with this elegant Seiko watch. Boasting a stunning 43mm stainless steel case matched with a secure dark brown, calfskin band, this timepiece makes an ideal accessory for any affair. The white dial sits under a Hardlex crystal, which combines a stylish look and an easy-to-read display. The sleek, subtle design instills this watch with an unmistakable sense of luxury that cannot be matched. Powered by light alone, this remarkable watch delivers what pilots need most, complete reliability and support throughout their flight.


  • Design:  The SSC013P1 is a real eye-catcher. The white face provides a striking contrast to the dark slide-rule bezel and the fine brown leather band, which fits very comfortably on your wrist.
  • Accuracy: The SSC013P1 is widely praised by its users (among which F16 pilots) for its excellent time-keeping accuracy.
  • Flight computer: Along with the fixed inner dial ruler, which is part of the watch face, the rotatable outer bezel forms a circular slide rule with two logarithmic scales – much like the ASA E6-B flight computer. You can use it to multiply, divide, convert distances (SM-NM-km), convert pounds of aviation fuel/oil to US gallons or Imperial gallons, do speed calculations and much more. Complete directions with examples are included in the instruction manual.
  • Solar: Part of the Solar collection, this quartz watch takes its energy from any light source (both natural and artificial) and stores it in a self-recharging battery which never needs to be changed. The wearer can thus rely on the full operability of the watch for an extended period of time with no fear of the battery ever draining and make an obvious and important contribution to the cause of a healthier planet at the same time…
  • Some numbers: just 1 minute of direct sunlight delivers 1 hour of charge, a 3 hour period will fully charge the watch. When worn regularly, the watch will remain fully charged – even if left in pitch blackness for 6 months, the watch continues to work normally. If the watch should fall completely without power, it will start to operate normally after a mere 8 minutes of exposure to sunlight!
  • Second time zone:  Not specifically mentioned in the instruction booklet, but very handy…The alarm dial can be set to show the time in another time zone, like UTC. Just pull the crown all the way out, press on the pusher at the 4 o’clock position in brief bursts and you will see the alarm dial become a second time zone dial as the hands move around. Once you have the required setting, push the crown all the way back in and you have a second time zone readout!
  • Other features: include an alarm chronograph and date window, stainless steel case which is water-resistant up to 100m/330ft/10ATM, fold-over claps with push button release, luminescent dials




  • Weight: 82g / 0.18lb
  • Hardlex crystal glass
  • Stainless steel casing: diameter 43mm / 1.69 in; thickness 13mm / 0.51 in
  • Brown leather band: length 23.5cm / 9.25 in; width 2cm / 0.79 in



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