TravelJohn™ disposable urinal bags are convenient, uni-sexed, sanitary, personal urinals containing “LIQSORB ®”, the key ingredient that makes this work. LIQSORB ® is acombination of an exclusive biodegradable non-woven fabric pouch containing abiodegradable polymer substance that immobilizes bacterial growth quickly absorbing liquid waste and turning it into an odorless, spill-proof gel bag that is non-toxic and waste disposal safe. The Unisex adapter makes it easy for anyone and everyone to use while sitting (providing there is the use of gravity with an unobstructed, free-flowing opening or standing, and a spill guard to prevents back flow during use.

Compact - Revolutionary “bag within bag(s)” design…When folded… just slip them into your flight bag until the next landing, and you will never again need to worry about where to land when the needs are high!

Easy - Each bag is made of strong plastic, that is puncture resistant and contains our revolutionary LIQSORB ® polymer pouch that solidifies liquids instantly into a leak-proof, odorless,spill-proof gel that is non-toxic and safe for disposal in any waste bin.

Secure - With our LIQSORB ® pouch, no loose powder…and an average of two or three uses, no clean up and secure for disposal

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