Product Description

This marvelous Weekend Flight Bag has been specifically made for pilots and all of their requirements. You will be amazed by its diversity. It is made from strong nylon and in addition is padded all over.

On the front is a fold-down pocket with various storage compartments. Next to this is a pocket for a radio or GPS, with a twin zip closure so that the aerial does not constantly have to be put up and taken down again. Both pockets have outer compartments for quick access.

There are two removable front bags for headsets, which can also be joined together as a double bag. You can use the right front bag as a practical small backpack.

On the back is a toilet bag (for the weekend), which is also removable. The carrying strap fittings are metal. It also contains a hidden “secret pocket” at the back.

The large interior can be divided up in various ways to suit your needs. It can be used to carry all your VFR/IFR trip kit manuals, but it can equally work as a fitness bag...

The main compartment is lockable.



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